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Specialists in brick masonry, driveway repair & construction and Asphalt/concrete paving for driveways, parking lots and pavements.

About San Diego Stone

San Diego Stone is a highly-rated paving contractor in San Diego, with experience in concrete paving, pavers installation, stone siding, concrete stamping & brick/stone masonry work. We’ve a team of highly skilled workers that successfully execute any residential paving project to client specification. We’re specialists in new pavers installation, apart from concrete paving, stamped concrete, brick masonry, driveway construction & infrared pothole repair services. When it comes to concrete & Asphalt paving, there’s only one name that comes to mind, and that is, ‘San Diego Stone’.

Concrete Stamping

San Diego Stone is an expert in concrete stamping, as we use clay bricked bricks, concrete slabs and stones in a variety of designs, shapes & geometrical patterns. In the process, we make your driveway look stylish & robust with the installation of these prefabricated and moulded blocks that fits perfectly well, all along the pathway or driveway.

We’ve been into this domain for more than 10 years now, serving the diverse construction needs of homes with concrete stamping, stone siding & Asphalt paving work.

This is why we’re one of the top-rated paving companies in San Diego, with skills in residential concrete stamping, by using materials like bricks made of fly-ash, stone blocks and concrete slabs in various shapes, sizes & patterns that make any home outdoor look modern and ornamental.

Bricks Masonry

It is our experience in brick masonry that helps us earn the tag of a ‘one-stop- concrete solutions’ provider in this city in California. We’re experts in all types of brick & stone masonry services, apart from brick siding and stone siding work for residences. We know how to create smart, strong, robust and stylish structures with brick, mortar & concrete.

As a veteran pavers installer and brick masonry expert, we know how to construct a new wall or foundation by using the latest construction techniques & methods.

We’re a top-rated brick mason, with a team of skilled masons, bricklayers and other professionals that help build home foundation, retaining walls, concrete pillars and wall partitions. And, the bricks that we use are all fly ash material made, or clay baked and wood fired.

Driveway Contractors

We’re a driveway contractor that helps build stylish and modern driveways at homes that lead up to the garage or parking area, straight from the entrance. And, the material that we use in the construction is high-grade concrete.

Pavers Installation

We’re a leading pavers installer in town that knows everything about stone paving, concrete paving and Asphalt paving by making use of advanced paving materials. The stone and concrete stamping materials that we use are of premium grade.

Concrete Contractor

Ours is a concrete construction company with a difference, as we use only high-grade building materials at projects and homes that need quality landscaping work. We’re one of the top-rated Asphalt & concrete contractors in town with a skilled workforce.

Driveway Repair

Our technology and materials used in driveway repair & construction, are simply unmatched and unparalleled in this city. It is our knowledge and skills in driveway construction & pavers repair that makes us a preferred driveway contractor in town.

Asphalt Paving

In the area of Asphalt paving, there are few that can match our professionalism when it comes to building large stretches of driveways and walkways in Asphalt & bitumen material. The construction is smooth and flawless, without leaving any broken patches.

San Diego Stone is a leader in all types of residential paving and concrete construction services that shapes the exterior of any city home.

We’re a full-service home remodeling company, with specialization in concrete paving, Asphalt paving, concrete stamping and driveway construction services that help transform any home exterior. Ours is a concrete construction company with a team of diligent & hard-working professionals.

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    The Perfect Choice Local Paving Contractor

    We’re the top-rated paving construction company, as we help build stylish home exteriors through landscaping and remodeling. In the area of concrete construction and pavers installation work, we help build smart home exteriors through a variety of concrete paving services. Mostly, in the domain of Asphalt paving and concrete stamping.

    Thus, our company is referred to as the trusted paving company that provides paving, brick & stone masonry and stone siding services, apart from all other outdoor construction activities.