How Are Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating Two Different Activities?

A Local Paving Contractor Helping You Understand the Difference Between Sealcoat & Paving

As a homeowner, when you think of repairing your Asphalt parking lot/space or driveway, you need to make the right decision. Though Asphalt paving and sealcoating may appear to be very similar, these two maintenance procedures are quite different from one another. Here in San Diego, CA, one can hire the services of experienced paving contractors that have years of experience in these two types of maintenance work. Asphalt Paving is done to replace the existing surface with a new layer of Asphalt, whereas Sealcoating is a mixture of Asphalt with synthetic substances like petroleum, plastic and coal tar that fill in the cracks, gaps & crevices. Let’s understand in detail.

Asphalt Paving Procedure

As said earlier, it is carried out by replacing the existing surface with a new layer of Asphalt coating on the top. This is done when you notice large potholes or alligator cracks on the surface of the driveway, parkway or parking zone. When such signs of deterioration are visible, you need to go for an Asphalt paving service with the help of a local paving contractor in San Diego,. There are a variety of paving procedures.

  • Infrared Repair – This is a complex process in which the existing Asphalt is blended and compacted into the damaged portion of the road, for filling the potholes and sealing the cracks. This method is very effective when there’s shortage of time, less budget and you want quality construction work.
  • Pothole Repair – Asphalt mix is added to the potholes, after the debris has been cleared. After the Asphalt mix is poured, a multi-ton roller is pressed into the service to compact the damaged area to make it smooth, and get rid of any cracks, holes and gaps.
  • Resurfacing – After the Asphalt surface has been cleared of all debris, a new layer of Asphalt, bitumen and coal tar is added over the old surface. Thus, it fills all the gaps, potholes and cracks in a seamless manner. Ask any local paving installers in San Diego, and they would tell you the same thing.


Sealcoating Procedure

A Sealcoat layer is a mixture of a variety of petroleum products, combined with coal tar, plastic and various other synthetic substances. It is applied on the surface as a thin layer or membrane. It is a type of a preventive measure for not allowing the rain water to seep into the Asphalt layer and make the cracks bigger due to the effect of contraction and expansion. Such sealcoating is essential in a place where you receive rainfall, moisture and sunshine, most of the time of the year. Any driveway contractor would suggest the same, if you’re looking to go for minor repairs and acts of preventative maintenance.

So, these were some of the major differences between Asphalt paving and sealcoating that you must be aware of, if you’re thinking of carrying out repair and maintenance work on your home driveway, pathway or parking area. It can be beneficial for you.